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Why FixRead

FixRead has proven to be winning on-line courses for Reading Comprehension in English for everyone involved:

• The teaching institution
   - is assured that students in all classes get a chance to reach the same level... See More >
• The teacher
   - doesn't have to lead the student in his/her reading comprehension advancement... See More >
• The student
   - gets to a higher level of reading comprehension in a structured and measurable... See More >

Fixread - is a unique, English Reading Comprehension System which offers in each of the four levels (Grasp the Idea Intro, 1, 2 and 3):

• 6-8 sessions which teach and practice reading strategies, 2-3 hours each.
• Between 11 – 17 lessons centered around an article depending on the level of the course,
3-4 hours each.

Target Population

In non-English-speaking countries - Pre-college and college students
In English-speaking countries - Immigrant students

   Suitable for students with learning disabilities  

Fixread Can Be Used

• for blended learning
• as the main classroom course
• for distance learning
• as a supplementary program

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What People Say

We used Fixread as an online course in our college. The course is very well constructed. It enabled our students to progress gradually.
The course demanded from the students a good deal of individual work, but in small "bites" so it was not intimidating. The students reported that they had learned a lot. I would recommend this online course to other institutions.

Hemdat HaDarom Academic College, Dov Bloom (teacher)

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